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Our Client Profiles

Small Business Owners

Employs 5 to 250 people
Has need for business succession planning
Has key employees who need special consideration
Has other professional advisors and needs coordination of their advice
Would like to save more for themselves on a discriminatory basis

Senior Market

Has an interest in transferring the risk for long-term care expenses
Has an interest in protecting their retirement assets while optimizing their returns
Has a desire to leave or transfer assets to their grandchildren
Has an interest in increasing their current investment returns

Wealth Accumulators

Has a desire to plan consistently for accumulating assets for retirement
Has discretionary income and wishes to “pay themselves first”

Affluent Market

Has an estate in excess of $3,000,000 and wishes to plan for its orderly distribution during their life or upon their passing
Has a desire to coordinate all financial issues in order to optimize opportunities
Has a desire to incorporate charitable giving in their estate distribution plan
Has a desire to reduce or eliminate their estate tax liability and probate costs

“Planning That Empowers Our Clients To Make Sound Financial Decisions Today And In The Future…”