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WealthPlan Partners August Golinski Awarded Jackie Glasscock Memorial Award

WealthPlan Partners August Golinski Awarded Jackie Glasscock Memorial Award

| May 03, 2016

We are proud to share the news that our own Gus Golinski has received the inaugural Jackie Glasscock Memorial Award for Outstanding Partnership in Planning!

This national recognition through Lincoln Financial Group is especially meaningful to both myself and the entire WealthPlan Partners team. Jackie - who passed away last year - played a significant role in my growth as a Financial Advisor as well as the evolution of my team. When Gus joined the Planning Department, Jackie was certain that he was a good fit and that he would make my clients proud to work with us. She was spot on, correct. Little did I know that he would rise to the level whereby I would want him to join my team, meet and even interact with my clients. A deep understanding and intuitiveness for financial science combined with Gus’ developing, financial artistic license made him valuable to our team, and our clients.  Gus’ present-day plans reflect Jackie’s mentorship as well as others and rival the best planning documents in the industry.

Jackie encouraged Gus to evolve out of the Planning Department and into the world of our practice at WealthPlan Partners. A world of high accountability in order to become the best you can be, on behalf of our clients and ourselves. A world that started for Gus in an administrative role. Needless to say Gus needed that administrative exposure, but it became very clear that he had much more to offer in the plan creation role and he steadily moved forward with our team.

Today, we are incredibly proud of the way that Gus takes his role so very seriously. He has dedicated himself to understanding what our clients are looking for in their planning experience with our team. Our work is custom - there is no one-size-fits-all deliverable. Each and every one of our clients receives a customized plan - and Gus' level of quality for these documents reflects a true innovators touch, allowing him to connect with clients in a meaningful way. I attribute that skill to Jackie’s development of both Gus (and myself for that matter), along with numerous discussions with Gus regarding the experience he honed working with numerous advisors across the country.

There is no doubt that Jackie changed many lives for the better. We miss her. But it is comforting and rewarding to see her work all around us - and I am fortunate to see it every day close up in Gus Golinski. I believe Jackie would be very proud knowing that she shaped his professional life in such a way that he can continue her tradition of positively impacting people’s lives.

Congratulations, Gus - from the entire team at WealthPlan Partners!