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The Heartbeat of Your Financial Plan

The Heartbeat of Your Financial Plan

| June 07, 2018

The Heartbeat of Your Financial Plan

Planning for many families over the years, there is one common theme that comes to mind: information quality.  Ultimately what it boils down to is this, the qualify of information given will dictate how much meaning and validity your financial plan holds to you and your family.

We find most are excellent at providing and detailing all their assets, insurance & liabilities to help paint a picture of what their financial world looks like.  However, when it comes to gathering one particular piece, families usually have a greater degree of difficulty with this than the rest...expenses!

Wait, wait, wait!  Don't stop reading just yet.  We know it is difficult and we're here to help.  Now this doesn't mean we can do it entirely for you because, believe us, if we could, we would.  You will still have to put forth a good effort but utilizing the tool that we have developed over the years, should make this much more pleasant.

Think about it for a moment, without a strong grasp of what your family is spending, making enhancements to your financial plan would hold much less meaning because they may not be feasible, palatable or prudent.  With this detail and clarity of family's lifestyle we can provide the optimal observations and recommendations in all areas of financial planning:  current situation, retirement planning, investment planning, personal risk management and estate planning.  This is why expenses are the heartbeat of a financial plan, they help position your family for a reasonable probability of success relative to your financial planning engagement.

We recently had a discussion with a prospective client who, after seeing the tools I am speaking of and contemplated the required exercise, admitted "embarrassment" over her and her husband's present situation and decided to not move forward with us.  Those types of opportunities are what keep me up at night!!  They were SO close to being able to recreate their financial futures with our assistance but let emotion get the better of them.  We aren't in the business of judging people's financial conditions.  We ARE in the business of listening to their passions to change their futures along with showing them strategies and solutions they never thought achievable.

Embrace your current financial situation, good or bad, and like the first step into any new challenge, expect the discomfort knowing that the eventual outcome is going to be a life changer!

Thank you for reading through, now ask for our expense tool and let us provide our enhancements to your family!