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Tee up a Pro!

Tee up a Pro!

| May 23, 2018

Anyone who knows me at all will tell you I have a passion for the sport of golf. By no means an athlete at MY age, I love the challenge of getting that little ball into the little hole on the green. There is truly nothing quite so exhilarating than a well struck ball. I will tell you however, that golf is the most challenging sport I have ever attempted.

I have read many, many books about the sport. In this way, I am a do it yourself learner. In every single one of them, golf pros everywhere will tell you that the “set-up” is the most important aspect of playing. One small thing in the set-up can be wrong and it will throw your entire swing out of whack.  Therefore, every time I address the ball I am having to ask myself, is my posture correct, am I standing away from the ball the correct distance, is the position of the ball in the correct place with respect to the club I am using, are my hands connected, am I gripping too tightly, etc., etc., etc.  And all of this occurs, BEFORE, I can take my swing. 

Incredibly, other than the set-up, a lot of the books I have read differ greatly in the advice they give beyond the set-up. So how in the world does an amateur golfer decide which advice to take? The one that works of course!

It is much the same with financial services. There are many “do it yourselfers” in the world who want to figure out what they need for retirement themselves. They are doing all the research on their retirement accounts and investments to determine what mutual funds or stocks to purchase.  They sort through earnings ratios, alpha, beta, performance numbers, ratings, active verses passive investing and so forth.  They are trying to find the perfect set-up for their lifestyle by analyzing a host of information.  Unfortunately, they may not know which advice to heed, so it becomes a guessing game.

Before I started working for WealthPlan Partners, I was doing all of that myself as well, though I promise you, I did not care about earnings ratios and such, I chose only by performance. I have come to learn that oftentimes, it is so much better to leave it to the professionals. They have the knowledge and expertise to do the research and assist you in figuring out what you need for your version of the “perfect” lifestyle. 

If you are tired of doing it yourself, give us a call. Let us assist you in comprehensively looking at your situation and take the guess work out of planning.

As for me…I am off to go see my golf pro for a customized lesson!!!