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Success Story

| March 01, 2018
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Take a look at our most recent SUCCESS STORY; a newly retired couple was able to exchange their existing life insurance policies into different policies that provided a legacy or long-term care benefits.

 Situation:  Their need for life insurance changed with time. Death benefits became less important and protecting against long-term care expenses became a primary goal. They also did not want to continue to pay annual premiums and wanted the money to go to their children if it was not used for long-term care expenses.

 Challenge:  How to execute a tax-free exchange from their old policies to new policies that would help meet all their needs.

 Implementation:  WPP was able to coordinate and implement tax free exchanges to policies that provided them with a legacy or tax-advantaged long-term care benefits. These policies also included inflation protection and a return of premium option.

A policy that met all their objectives with no future premium payments!

While their experience may not be yours and may vary from those described based on a your situation and needs, connect with us to help you ensure your life insurance policies are working efficiently for you.

You should not exchange an insurance policy until you understand all of the options, have all of your questions answered, and are satisfied that the exchange is better than keeping your current policy. This information should not be construed as investment advice.

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