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Insights from Our Time at the PEAK Conference & WISE Group Event

Insights from Our Time at the PEAK Conference & WISE Group Event

| April 15, 2016
Financial Thought Leadership

Continual learning is key to remaining current in any profession, but is something that our team at WealthPlan Partners takes very seriously. In addition to monitoring industry trends regularly, the WealthPlan Partners advisors and staff actively seek out opportunities to participate in industry events where we can gain knowledge and share insights.

We recently sat down with our own Joel Jensen and Kathe Addison to hear more about their recent presentations at Lincoln Financial Group’s annual PEAK Conference & WISE Group Event. PEAK is an annual event where over 2,500 financial planners from across the country have the opportunity to come together, network, share best practices and walk away with new resources to better serve their clients. Our team was honored to be featured as model practitioners at this year’s event! 

What was most exciting about participating in this year’s PEAK Meeting?

“Having the opportunity to return some of the knowledge that has been so valuable in our growth over the years is a very exciting part about being a presenter,” says Joel Jensen. “Sharing best practices serves as both a learning experience and a reminder of what you need to do consistently to be the best.”

What was the topic of your presentation and why was it relevant or timely for financial planning industry professionals?

Jensen’s talk “…centered around the science and art of gathering important data to make client engagement mutually beneficial for all of those involved. Many times engagements are more transactional, which is unfulfilling for both the client and the planner. Creating holistic financial plans requires gathering meaningful and accurate data from the client – a best practice WealthPlan Partners is known for. During my presentation I highlighted the tools that WealthPlan uses to create holistic financial plans and taught those in attendance how to present these plans in a way that encourages clients to consider our improvement recommendations, that if implemented would advance not only their financial affairs but their lives as well.”

What makes WealthPlan Partners approach to financial planning stand out in the industry?

“We do not have transactional relationships with our clients,” continues Jensen. “Instead, we take the time to understand both their short-term and long-term goals. Being able to understand these goals allows for complete client ownership where we can set realistic and personalized expectations for them.”

What direction do you see the financial planning industry taking over the next few years?

“Rapidly approaching government regulations will further expose the need for holistic and objective financial planning. Our work is transparent and fee based. We are not required to solicit a commoditized product in order to earn a living. The industry is truly focused on advisers accepting and embracing the fiduciary standard. I believe our comprehensive financial planning process fits perfectly into honoring the fiduciary standard at the highest possible levels,” says Jensen.

The WISE Group Event (Women Inspiring, Supporting and Educating) is an event that takes place the day following the PEAK meeting, specifically focusing on/for women advisors only. Kathe Addision of WealthPlan Partners participated in the event as a presenter.

What was your favorite aspect of participating in this event?

Kathe Addison states: “Getting to spend time with women at the top of the financial planning profession and hearing stories of their successes – how they’ve made a difference in their clients’ lives – was truly inspiring. What makes this event so special is the transparency of shared best practices so that we can all learn new and innovative ways to serve our clients.”

What did your presentation focus on?

“My presentation was titled ‘Culture and Your Team.’ The topic dealt with the elements necessary to building a successful team. I was able to share both the positive and negative things that I’ve learned throughout my career to help other professionals potentially avoid the pitfalls,” says Addison.

Why was your topic important for Financial Planning Professionals? 

“Financial advisors have a lot to juggle in their professional careers. Not only do they need to successfully serve their clients, but they need to manage the backend business logistics,” says Addison. “Attracting and retaining the right staff to manage the administrative work leaves the advisor free to focus on the client relationship.”

We look forward to continuing to innovate on behalf of our clients now and throughout 2016!