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| April 05, 2018

All too often people like to use the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.“ While that saying may apply to many things, it certainly does not apply to the development of our understanding of what financial planning means to the families we serve. 

 More often than not the financial planning process is remembered as an overwhelming experience consisting of a lot of data gathering, budgeting and in some cases an underwhelming delivery of recommendations. All of that is set in stone in the form of a leather bound binder to be reviewed once and then set on the book shelf. 

 Life isn’t set in stone, and your financial plan shouldn’t be either. We here at WealthPlan Partners believe in something that we call Co-planning. We want to help your family own your plan & make it yours. 

By creating these plans side by side with your family they will have greater meaning & a much larger impact. Our computer based financial plans are accessible & modifiable. Data gathering is easy, asset values update nightly, goals can be changed at a moment’s notice, & “what if‘s“ are able to be answered in a timely fashion. Your financial plan lives day by day just as your family does.

 The financial plan, once seen as a stone has been modified for your benefit into a living tool that your family should use to navigate all of life’s beautiful changes.

 Let us work with your family so you can own your future.