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Are You Planning for Your Version of Retirement?

Are You Planning for Your Version of Retirement?

| June 22, 2016

Successful retirement planning means something different from individual to individual. An important piece of the financial planning process (as Joel touched on in his latest Blog Post) is asking the right questions - and listening. By using these most basic and oftentimes overlooked skills, we at WealthPlan Partners work to identify what is most important to our clients.

We are often asked by clients beginning to plan for retirement - at various stages of life - what they need to know. The most universal piece of advice is that, if you're thinking of retirement, the time to start investing is now.  In order for any plan to be successful you have to work at it and take the proper steps towards ultimately achieving your goals. These things take time. Ask yourself, “What do I need in place to protect my lifestyle? What needs to be in place for my family to receive the support they will need? Am I in a position to give back to the community or to other important philanthropic efforts - what type of legacy am I able to leave?" It's important to begin defining what success looks like - this is an important part of our financial planning process with each and every client we work with.

Unfortunately, some of our clients come to us after feeling dissatisfied with the financial planning that they or another professional has put in place for them. The biggest reason for this is that a financial plan may reflect a future that doesn't align with their goals. It is important for individuals and families to seek out a professional financial planner’s advice well in advance of retirement. Working with a financial planner that you trust on an ongoing basis can mean greater confidence in your financial plan and the resulting holistic coordination could mean the difference of a substantial amount of money, depending on your circumstances.

The other challenge many of our new clients come to us to solve is that of "coordination gaps" in their financial planning. Coordination gaps in our field result from a lack of communication amongst clients' most trusted advisors. If your investment professional, insurance professional, attorney and CPA were invited into a room, chances are they would be shaking hands and saying hello for the first time. WealthPlan Partners positions itself similar to a Quarterback - making sure all of our clients' trusted advisors are working and communicating with one another to take financial planning to the next level. Through customized observations and recommendations, we expose these coordination gaps, attach a dollar value to them and present productive solutions.

Many prospective clients ask us: “What makes you different?” We work hard to make sure that we give each client the attention they and their wealth deserve. We the time to listen, to strategize, to make sure clients understand each piece of their comprehensive financial plan and to ensure that it is working in the most efficient manner on an ongoing basis. 

At times our work exposes the financial realities for our clients. Sometimes this reality results in having to have a conversation around what people do not want to hear.  We are not afraid of that conversation as it often results in meaningful long term growth for our client. We are financial problem solvers - helping all clients take step to meet the goals that matter to them.

We would love to help you meet your retirement goals. We invite you to our office - schedule an appointment today!